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Checking in: How is the quarantine affecting you?

How are you doing? I just wanted to check in. It’s been about a month since many cities and states have had stay-at-home orders, including Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the whole state of New Jersey. Adjusting to and coping with this new normal can feel really...

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Anger and Anxiety during COVID-19

The past two weeks have been weird. Here in Philadelphia, we have been ordered to stay at home, except for essential personal activities. Schools are closed, many people are working from home, and it’s difficult to find a roll of toilet paper at the store. On Sunday,...

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5 Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress

Coping with Holiday Stress I have been thinking of you. How has your holiday season been so far? Are you looking forward to the rest of the holidays or are you wishing that you could fast forward to January and skip the whole thing? For a lot of us, this time of year...

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What’s getting in the way of Self-compassion?

Kindness As I walk into my office building, I pick up my mail as I do every day. There are advertisements for therapist trainings and the newest editions of People and Parents magazine for the waiting room. I scan the covers of the magazines on the elevator ride up to...

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Unplug and Recharge: 5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

It’s 10:30 on Monday night. I worked 9-5, picked up dinner on the way home, played a game of hide and seek, gave my daughter a bath and put her to bed. Since she fell asleep, I have been on my laptop doing work for the past 2 hours. I should be relaxing from my long...

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