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National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month

Last week, I had the opportunity to accompany someone to her first Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. Sarah* had considered attending for a long time, but several things kept her from going. She feared that if she went, she’d have to admit that she had a problem and she wasn’t sure she was ready to do that.

Happy Recovery Month!

Happy Recovery Month!

Happy Recovery Month! This year marks the 25th anniversary of National Recovery Month. In addition to increasing awareness about mental health and substance abuse issues and available treatment options, Recovery Month focuses on those who are living in long-term recovery

End the Stigma

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at an “End the Stigma” event organized by the Mullica Hill Women’s Tri Club, a triathlon club that raises money each year for a cause of their choosing. This year their cause is ending the stigma against mental health and addictions.

Hope for Recovery

Last month, I had the opportunity to tour two drug and alcohol rehab centers. During these visits, I learned a lot about the different approaches currently being used for inpatient addiction treatment and I enjoyed seeing the steps that each program takes to best help the people they serve in a compassionate, personalized way.

Overcoming Stigma

A few months ago, I submitted an article to the editor of the magazine for a local professional organization. I looked forward to this opportunity to share some wisdom with an audience whom I rarely have the opportunity to connect with.