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Coping with a Loved One’s Addiction

You’re scared and angry. Your loved one’s drinking and/or drug use has gotten out of control. They’re staying out late, shirking responsibilities, and spending too much time and money on their habit. You barely ever see them and when you do, they’re either drunk or high or you get into an argument with them.

You’re afraid that their addiction could lead to them or someone else getting hurt. You miss them. But you don’t know what to do. You’ve tried talking calmly, yelling, offering to help, and making ultimatums but nothing’s working. They just don’t see how serious their problem is and they don’t think they need to stop drinking or using drugs.

You don’t want to give up on your relationship with your loved one. You remind yourself of the good times and all the things you love about them. You cherish the moments when you can see the “real” them, beyond their addiction and the problems it causes. You try to hold onto those good memories when times get tough and the arguments start. 

But you can’t live like this anymore. You have trouble sleeping at night, wondering if they’re okay. You can’t focus at work because you’re so preoccupied with what’s going on. And what’s worse, you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about this because you feel so ashamed and don’t want them to judge you or your loved one.

If this sounds familiar, you may feel like you’re losing yourself trying to support your loved one with their addiction. Your needs have taken a backseat to trying to keep your loved one safe and on the path to recovery. As much as you want to keep helping, you may feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or like your patience is wearing thin. You don’t know how much longer you can go on like this because it’s clear that your own well-being is suffering.

Therapy can help. As therapists who have worked with those struggling with addiction and their loved ones, we will provide you with ongoing support so you don’t have to feel ashamed, alone, or overwhelmed anymore. You will learn what changes to make to take better care of yourself in order to help your loved one. You will learn practical tools to manage your stress and anxiety.

If you are sick and tired of feeling held hostage by your loved one’s addiction, call (267) 317-8817 or click here to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation to learn how to take the first step in getting your life back.

You may be thinking that therapy could help you with coping with your loved one’s addiction, but you have some lingering questions…


Coping with a loved one’s addiction takes a toll on your well-being. Likely, you’re working so hard to hold it all together for your loved one that you’re struggling to meet your own mental, physical, and emotional needs. This is why it helps to attend therapy with a licensed professional who’s educated about addiction and familiar with its impact on the affected person’s support system and community. Your therapist will support you in taking better care of yourself and putting your needs first so that you’re better able to help your loved one as they cope with their addiction.


Therapy is a confidential and non-judgemental space designed to support you as you work through the concerns in your life and learn new strategies to address them. Your therapist will never make you feel guilty, belittled, or judged for what you’re going through. Instead, they will offer encouragement, insight, and accountability as you work toward your goals.


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