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Anxiety and Stress Management


There is so much to do and never enough time to get it done. It can feel so overwhelming. Your brain won’t turn off, it’s hard to sleep, you feel anxious and tense all the time and you can’t relax. You isolate from others or avoid stressful situations to try to cope but there are drawbacks to this way of coping. And with all of the changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of this can feel even worse. 
Maybe you’ve tried other things to feel better. Yoga, therapy, self-help books, but you still feel anxious. Or maybe you haven’t done anything because that would be something else to add to your to-do list. You are not enjoying life because it’s hard to be in the present moment. And now you’re starting to feel depressed because the worry gets in the way of you living life the way you’d like to.

Serenity Solutions can help.

We understand how terrible anxiety feels and how much it interferes with living an enjoyable life. As  caring, nonjudgmental therapists, we have been helping people in Philadelphia and South Jersey learn tools to decrease the control that anxiety has over their lives. Therapy can help you live the life that you want, have healthy relationships, better manage work stress and enjoy your free time more. You will be able to do the things in life that matter to you, even when things feel stressful.

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She genuinely cares about her clients. Her eye contact, tone of voice, and the type of questions she asks prove that. Not only is Alisa a terrific therapist, she’s extremely respectful of patient privacy and integrity.
- Past client, age 31

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