Anxiety Treatment

Are You Feeling The Stress Of Life?

  • Is constant worry keeping you from finding satisfaction or fulfillment?
  • Do you have a hard time managing your thoughts and feelings, unable to stay present in your relationships or work?
  • Are you beginning to feel like all of your energy is spent trying to manage your stress and anxiety?

Whether you’re always thinking about the future or replaying events from the past, you likely find it difficult to concentrate on life right now. As your mind races with intrusive and obsessive thoughts, you can’t relax and probably have a hard time sleeping. In addition to insomnia, physical symptoms of anxiety—including panic attacks, digestive issues, and headaches—may be creating further discomfort. 

As stress and anxiety increase, your relationships feel the pressure. Preoccupied with ruminating thoughts, you may isolate yourself or experience social anxiety in the presence of others. Even within trusted and loving connections, you may feel triggered by your anxiety. And it’s possible that as a result, you’ve become frequently controlling or irritated with others in an attempt to decrease anxiety and regain control over your symptoms. 

You recognize that your worries and behaviors aren’t contributing to the life you want, but you don’t know how to change them. Sure, you’ve tried yoga, self-help books, or maybe even therapy already, but the stress always finds a way of taking over again. No matter how hard you try, you can’t achieve the relaxed, balanced life you work so hard to create.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve probably reached your breaking point and decided that living this way is no longer sustainable. Fortunately, anxiety treatment can offer the support you need to manage chronic stress.

Stress, Fear, And Uncertainty Are A Natural Part Of Being Human

Anxiety is a normal human emotion—just like happiness, sadness, and anger—and we all experience worrisome and fearful thinking from time to time. In fact, anxiety allowed us to evolve as a species because our fight-or-flight response enabled us to escape the dangers of living in the wild. 

For some of us, anxiety has continued to be helpful. But for others, our stress response has gone awry and become overwhelming. The more our worries take over, the more we avoid the things that could make our life more fulfilling.

Anxiety Has Always Been Common, But It’s Particularly Severe In Today’s Unpredictable World

Data from 2017 show that almost a third of adults—31 percent—”have experienced an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives.” That same data estimates that at least 19 percent of adults will develop an anxiety disorder in any given year. However, given the pandemic-related stress in the years that followed this research, it’s safe to assume that these numbers are higher. 

Of course, COVID-19 has caused our lives to change dramatically. Yet, beyond pandemic-specific stress, today’s world creates many obstacles that lead to anxiety. Political divides and climate change contribute to a sense of unpredictability, and the systemic oppression of marginalized communities continues to burden vulnerable populations.

Yet, societal pressure and to-do lists make us feel like we don’t have the time or energy we need to do the things that would help us manage the stress. Many of us are concerned about providing for our families, being good partners and parents, and achieving success. Instead of taking introspective quality time or participating in activities that offer fulfillment, we may engage in quick fixes for stress management, including drinking and drug use, mindless internet scrolling, overeating, and excessive exercising or sleeping. 

Such fixes help momentarily, making us feel like we get a quick break from our anxiety, but they aren’t lasting solutions. Therapy, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to overcome stress and develop lifelong skills for coping. 

In anxiety treatment at Serenity Solutions, you can learn to change counterproductive behaviors, foster a sense of acceptance, and be empowered to change the thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Treatment Can Help You Manage Stress And Anxiety

Our therapists understand how debilitating anxiety can be and how much daily symptoms can interfere with life. That’s why we create a safe, nonjudgmental therapeutic environment where you can come to vent about and find solutions to daily stressors. 

Using approaches like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you can adjust your relationship with your thoughts and feelings. As a mindfulness-based therapy, ACT allows you to notice when anxiety symptoms are taking over and enables you to redirect your focus to the present moment. And because ACT revolves around your unique values, counseling helps you explore how anxiety has gotten in the way of your growth so that you can change your behaviors to live a life that feels meaningful. 

When paired with ACT, CBT gives you a chance to challenge unhelpful thoughts. In promoting effective relaxation and coping techniques, CBT can bolster your self-care routine and improve your overall well-being. 

Our individualized approach to anxiety treatment honors your values and goals for therapy. By customizing the therapeutic process to target your specific anxiety symptoms, we can help you learn how to identify triggers and address the fight-or-flight behaviors that keep you stuck. As your coping and anxiety management techniques improve, you’ll be able to understand how to make your life meaningful and satisfying—even in stressful situations. 

Therapy is as much about self-awareness and strength building as it is a springboard for change. By participating in anxiety treatment at Serenity Solutions, you can grow toward the life you want.

Maybe You’re Concerned That You Have An Anxiety Disorder, But You Don’t Know If Therapy Is Necessary…

How exactly will therapy help with my anxiety?

Therapy is a safe, empathetic space where you can vent, express emotions without judgment, and process your fears. Your therapist will actively listen as they offer coping strategies and lasting solutions that will bolster your self-care.

By gaining self-awareness in counseling, you can make meaningful progress in achieving your goals.

Will you make me take medication as part of my anxiety treatment?

This is a great question! The clinicians at Serenity Solutions are Master’s Level therapists who use evidence-based therapeutic practices to help clients in overcoming anxiety—we cannot prescribe medication. If you want to consider integrating medication into your anxiety treatment, we can review your options during therapy and provide referrals. 

However, we will never pressure you either way. It is ultimately your choice if you want to include medication in your treatment.

Is therapy for anxiety worth the money?

Therapy is an investment in your growth and well-being. And like any investment, you get out of it what you put in. 

It pays to seek help for your anxiety from an experienced, licensed professional who understands your concerns and is qualified to guide you in building the life you want.

Life Should Be Lived In Accordance With Your Values, Not Your Fears

If anxiety keeps you in a cycle of stress, fear, and worry, therapy at Serenity Solutions can help you become present and live a more satisfying life. To learn more, schedule a free consultation here, contact us via our site, or call (267) 317 – 8817.

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