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Anger Management Therapy

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Would You Like To Have Better Control Over Your Anger And Emotions?

  • Do you have a hard time managing your stress or suspect that you have an anger problem?
  • Are your reactions putting strain on your relationships and causing harm to your loved ones?
  • Despite knowing you struggle with anger, are you unsure of why you get so activated by certain triggers?

When triggered, you likely experience feelings of extreme frustration and rage. Caught in a cycle of intense anger followed by regret about your reaction, you may have developed symptoms of anxiety and depression, including guilt, shame, and hopelessness. Everything from big arguments to small stressors might result in an outburst, but you just don’t know how to de-escalate in the moment. 

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You may feel as though your anger has taken over your life. Unable to stop yourself from getting worked up, it may feel impossible to calm down. In moments of frustration, you may yell, scream, or threaten others. It’s even possible that you have become physical, either by throwing things, punching walls, or hurting another person. If this is the case, you may be at risk for problems in your relationships, job loss, or legal consequences. 

Because you don’t quite know how to deal with your anger issues, you may have experienced difficulty in your ability to connect with others. Maybe your partner has threatened to leave if you can’t figure out how to manage your frustration, or perhaps your relationship has ended altogether because your anger management strategies haven’t worked. If you have children, you are probably concerned that your temper has served as a bad example or maybe even made them feel scared.  

Shame, Guilt, And Regret Often Follow Angry Outbursts

Your loved ones aren’t the only people impacted by your volatile temper—you’re probably so tired of your lack of control in stressful situations. Due to this, you may experience shame and confusion about why you behave this way. Perhaps you’re able to manage your anger elsewhere in your life but can’t understand why the rage takes over at home or in familiar environments. And despite trying common de-escalation tactics, like taking a few deep breaths or walking away, nothing seems to help the intense feelings of frustration you feel when triggered. 

Yet, you can manage your emotional response. By working with a therapist in anger management treatment, you can develop effective and lasting strategies for coping with your reactions. 

What Is Anger And Why Do We Feel It?

Before getting into the benefits of anger management therapy, it’s important to understand a few basic things about anger. 

Just like happiness, sadness, and fear, anger is a normal human emotion that we all experience from time to time. But feeling anger is different than expressing it—and that’s where some of us get in trouble. For those of us who were not taught how to cope with feelings of frustration and disappointment effectively, we inadvertently make the problem worse. Oftentimes, this looks like holding in feelings of anger until they build up to the point of an explosion. 

In addition, life’s many stressors can lay the foundation for anger issues. Between political polarization, rampant issues of discrimination, worries about climate change, and COVID-related stress, all of us struggle with moments of exasperation. And on an individual level, we may grapple with daily pressure at work, stress at home, and other factors that contribute to a sense of overwhelm. 

Anger Is A Justified Emotion, But It’s Important To Manage A Healthy Response 

Unfortunately, most of us are not given proper guidance to communicate our feelings. Perhaps we grew up in an environment where a quick temper was acceptable. Or maybe we were raised by adults who modeled unhealthy coping mechanisms, including substance abuse. For those of us who belong to marginalized groups in particular—including women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ populations—we have been silenced, taught that our emotions aren’t as valuable or valid as others’.

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And even though we may be aware that anger negatively impacts our lives, it’s hard to break the cycle of reacting that we have developed over time. But it’s possible to identify triggers, understand our response, and adjust our behaviors when feeling angry. 

By committing to therapy for anger management, you can learn to assert your frustrations in a healthy way.  

Therapy Gives You An Opportunity To Learn Beneficial Strategies For Anger Management

If you’re stuck in a counterproductive cycle of anger, you probably don’t have very many safe, neutral outlets to express your emotions. However, therapy offers you a nonjudgmental atmosphere where you can vent about the injustice you experience in your work, relationships, or the world at large. 

At Serenity Solutions, our anger management specialists provide both individual and group counseling to help normalize your emotions and offer effective strategies for dealing with your anger. By exploring your experiences and frustrations with a trained clinician, you can learn to effectively respond when you feel disappointed, resentful, or unheard. 

In addition to identifying your triggers, therapy for anger management will help you to see how certain thoughts and feelings feed your temper and how your current coping mechanisms might actually be making the problem worse. Incorporating tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) into anger management treatment, you’ll learn how to catch yourself as you start to get worked up and respond in accordance to your values—instead of acting in a way that you will later regret. 

Not only does therapy give you an opportunity to normalize your anger and put it into perspective—but it also enables you to develop essential communication and stress management skills that you can take with you into every aspect of your life. You can make a choice to respond to your anger calmly instead of behaving in a way that inflicts pain on yourself and others. 

With the tools and clarity you gain in counseling, you can see that effective anger management is possible. 

Maybe You’re Ready To Get Help For Your Anger, But You’re Not Sure If Counseling Is Right For You…

I thought anger management therapy was only for people required to go to court-ordered treatment.

Media depictions of anger management issues would have you believe that therapy is only for those who have gotten in trouble with the law. But the reality is that anger management treatment is for any adult who wants better control over their emotional response so that they can be the partner, parent, sibling, child, friend, boss, or employee that they want to be. 

Therapy is for anyone who recognizes that they have an anger problem and who no longer want to regret their reactions. Though this sometimes includes those who have been in trouble with the law, anger management counseling can benefit any individual ready for positive, lasting change.

Why is it that I only get angry with my partner? At work and within my social circle, others would find it hard to believe that I behave this way at home.

This is much more common than you think, as people who struggle with anger can often control their response at work and in public spaces. When we feel safe around our partners, we let our feelings take over, despite trying to maintain control over them.

Unfortunately, these behaviors nevertheless take a toll on the relationship. So, even if you’re only struggling at home, it’s important to seek treatment to develop coping skills and repair your relationships.

I’m worried that a therapist will judge me in counseling for anger management. 

Therapy is a confidential, nonjudgmental space designed to help you work through concerns and learn new anger management strategies. We are specifically trained to offer unbiased support in a way that doesn’t belittle you or make you feel guilty. Instead, our therapists provide encouragement, insight, and accountability as you work toward your goals in anger management treatment. 

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You Have The Strength And Control To Manage Your Anger

If you’re ready to break the cycle of outrage followed by guilt and regret, anger management therapy at Serenity Solutions can help. Schedule your free consultation here, contact us via our site, or call (267) 317 – 8817. 

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