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Is the snow making you angry?

Anger Management

Did it take you twice as long to get home yesterday? Do you feel like you can’t get anything done at work with all of these snow days? Is your patience for others dwindling quickly? For manyperson wearing scarf holding mug of hot chocolate people, the hassles related to the cold weather and snowstorms can increase our stress levels and lead to communicating poorly with our family, friends, and coworkers. And for those who had a stressful holiday season and were looking forward to a calmer new year, weather obstacles can feel overwhelming. If this sounds like you, stop and take some time to be mindful of how you are affected. Then identify what you can do to show self-love and take care of yourself. It may be as simple as enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Or you may want to get back to or start an exercise or meditation practice. Just pick something that will help you rejuvenate and make time for it.

Despite the stress of the weather, I am thrilled to be back from maternity leave, excited to help guide you to reach your goals and stick to those New Year’s Resolutions. In addition to having openings for individual and couples counseling for new and past clients, I am looking forward to next week’s Alumni group and the next Anger Management group scheduled to begin in February (see below for details).

I hope you had a serene holiday season and are coping well with all that life has thrown your way in the new year, but if you need some support to make life more meaningful with less stress and anger, call me at 267-317-8817 or click here to schedule your free consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”-Helen Keller


Anger Management Group
Is your anger putting your relationship or your job at risk? Do you find it hard toman with long wait meditating in snow​ stay calm when others don’t do what you want them to do? If you would like to have more control over your emotions, sign up for the next Anger Management group. In eight weeks, you will learn:
what triggers your anger
how to communicate in a healthy way, even when angry
communication styles
how to decrease angry thoughts
stress management skills, including relaxation techniques, and
problem-solving skills.

Date: Saturday, February 15, 2014-Saturday, April 5, 2014
Time: 10:00am-11:30am
Cost: $45 per week ($360 for the eight-week group) with discounts for advanced payment
Register: Call (215) 285-1084 or email for more information and to register.

Anger Management Alumni Group

Have you completed Serenity Solutions’ Anger Management group? Are you interested in meeting with others to share about how you are managing your anger and to review the skills you learned in the group? Join us for the next Alumni Group.

Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
Cost: $40
Register: Call (215) 285-1084 or email (minimum 3 participants needed)