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Checking in: How is the quarantine affecting you?

General Mental Health

I just wanted to check in and see how you are. It’s been about a month since many cities and states have had stay-at-home orders, including Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the whole state of New Jersey. Adjusting to and coping with this new normal can feel really difficult. If you’re anything like me, you alternate between being grateful for all that you have, feeling like the quarantines are easy to cope with, and then, in other moments, you wonder how you will make it through this. The stress of being isolated from others, being unable to go to work or school, and wondering if you will have enough supplies can feel overwhelming.

How are feelings of overwhelm showing up for you?

Are you:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the stress of the pandemic and the quarantines may be having an impact on you. What are you doing to cope? Are your coping skills helping? Are they healthy or are they having negative consequences in your life?

Coping skills

If you’re struggling to find healthy coping skills that work, I encourage you to try some of the following.female walking on path with red flowering trees

  • Remember to BREATHE-When we feel stressed or anxious, our breath can be fast and shallow. This type of breathing doesn’t allow our breath to help us relax. Click here for a helpful deep breathing exercise to try at home.
  • Take a break-During these stressful times, when our schedules are out of wack and we are trying to juggle a lot, it’s important to take a break. Go for a walk, have a snack, or do a hobby.
  • Connect with supports and loved ones-Staying connected during this isolating time is important. If you’re struggling with video conferencing overload, don’t let that get in the way. Just make a regular phone call.
  • Limit the news-While it is important to stay informed, too much news can be stressful. Decide when to look at the news and for how long and stick with that schedule. Identify other things you enjoy watching on TV or looking at on your phone for when you find yourself sucked into the news.


If you’re looking for something helpful to listen to, Alisa Kamis-Brinda will be a guest on WURD Radio’s Happy Hour Show for the next three Wednesdays, April 15th, April 22nd, and April 29th at 5:00pm EST. She will be talking about anger management. You can listen to the show on your radio at 96.1 FM or 900AM or find it at or

Give some of these coping skills a try. Let me know how it goes. Serenity Solutions is here for you during this stressful and challenging time. We are offering online therapy to people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Please reach out if you have any questions or if we can be of any help. You can reach us at 267-317-8817,, or schedule your free 15-minute consultation here.woman with hijab on bed with laptop

Stay safe, social distance, and wash your hands!