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Alisa Kamis-Brinda, is a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey LCADC (Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor) in New Jersey NASW-approved Clinical Supervisor in Pennsylvania

Sean McCann, LPC


Sean McCann, LPCYou have been through a lot and it’s been stressful. You feel anxious, your mind races, and you’re having trouble sleeping. You’ve tried to stop thinking about it all but you can’t. You just want to feel better. You want this chapter in your life to be over so that you can begin a new chapter. Whether you are dealing with transitions related to your job, your relationship, or parenting, I can help. As a husband and father, I’ve had to navigate job changes, relationship changes and adjusting to parenthood. I can help you learn how to find your way to the life you want to live.

Hi, I am Sean McCann, Licensed Professional Counselor in Philadelphia. I help people going through life transitions identify what they want their life to be. We work together to rewrite your story, identifying what is getting in the way of the life you want and what you need to do differently to get there. I am passionate about helping you achieve your therapy and life goals, knowing that every crisis is an opportunity for change.

If divorce, job loss or parenting have led to anxiety, anger or addictive behaviors, and you’d like to learn new ways to cope, call 267-317-8817 or click here to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation to start on your path to a meaningful life.


  • BA in English from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA
  • M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA 
  • LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) In Pennsylvania
  • CCSH (Certificate of Clinical Sleep Health)


  • American Counseling Association (ACA) member since 2015
  • American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) member since 2011



  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: 2-day Intensive ACT Training, presented by Daniel J. Moran, PhD, BCBA-D-2019
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Certificate Course: 2-day Experiential Workshop, presented By Richard Sears, PsyD, PhD-2018

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