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Individual therapy and Counseling at Serenity Solutions Therapy in Philadelphia, PA.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a time for you to focus on making changes to build a life that feels meaningful to you. It begins with an initial consultation where we explore the areas in which you are struggling to identify your goals.

Working together to achieve your goals may include:

  • Identifying unhealthy patterns and behaviors
  • Exploring past relationships and how they impact your life
  • Learning new ways to relate to your thoughts and feelings
  • Practicing new behaviors including relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and healthy communication
  • Strengthening your positive qualities

Individual therapy is a valuable solution and can help if you are struggling with:

Individual therapy sessions last 45-50 minutes. The fee for each session is $160-$170.

Call Serenity Solutions at (267) 277-3554 or click here to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation to start on your path to serenity.
Alisa is not one of those therapists that just sits there with a book and watches the clock. Her eyes are on you and it is very apparent that she is genuinely interested and caring about the people she works with. You can tell by her eye contact, tone of voice, and the type of questions she will ask that she is truly empathetic of her patient’s mindset. I left each session feeling better about myself.
- Male, 31